Fat Destroyer Foods

In addition to increasing weight, fat-containing foods can potentially raise blood cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol in the blood can cause heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes. Balance with intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep the body healthy. Intake can be obtained from the following foodstuffs:

Material for agar-agar, the seaweed, containing water-soluble food fiber. Properties that are soluble food fiber is its ability to lower blood cholesterol concentrations that can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

Green Grass Jelly
Contain carbohydrates, polyphenols, vitamins A and B. 100 grams of green grass jelly contains 6.23 grams of crude fiber, adequate to meet the needs of fiber daily. Another benefit, which reduces the stomach heat, lowers blood pressure, relieve dysentery, sores, ulcers, and fever.

Black Grass Jelly
Traditionally believed to be a hot reliever, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cough, digestive disorders prevention and lowering blood pressure.

Green Tea
Contains polyphenols, high doses of antioxidants effectively combat free radicals. Polyphenol compounds help keep blood vessels from contracting the potentially raise blood pressure, also helps reduce the risk of cancer, as well as effective for weight loss.

Rosella Tea Research shows, rosella contains betasitosterol which has a chemical structure similar to cholesterol. Function inhibits the absorption of cholesterol. Consumption of 1 liter of rosella tea before breakfast for 4 weeks also capable of lowering blood pressure low and medium level. Power works similar to a commercial antihypertensive drug.


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