Sambiloto Plants Can Improve Endurance Body

Sambiloto plants included in the Acanthaceae family or tribe. Leaves and stems of plants that can grow bitter at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. This plant in Indonesia is often encountered people in the yard of the house. In fact, this plant also grows wild in open places like fields, the sides of the street or in a deserted wasteland.

Sambiloto is growing upright with height can reach 90 cm. Rectangular-shaped trunk and many branches. This plant has a single leaf to each other face to face, the length of 2-8 cm and 1-3 cm wide. These plants also bloom throughout the year. White or purple, arranged in a series of clusters that grow on the ends of stalks. Bitter fruit that has a shape elongated to ellipsoid. The length of the fruit was about 1.5 cm, 0.5 cm wide and the base and tapering ends. When the fruit is ripe it turns black and will be split lengthwise into four pieces. Seeds of this plant is flat, small, light brown color.

Sambiloto believed to increase endurance because it has the typical form of substances that andrographolide can not be found in other plants. In addition to this plant andrographolide also have panicolin substances. Therefore there are two elements that bitter substances are named Andrographis paniculata.

Andrographolide and panicolin this is what works to increase endurance. Because abortion merit increase endurance, bitter believed capable of counteracting the HIV / AIDS. A company in the United States has patented this plant as a cure to AIDS.

Most traditional medicine in Java Indonesia, bitter drunk as a material for treating various diseases because it is an antibiotic. Materials are usually taken on the stem or leaves can be bitter. Leaves and stems can be removed at once and boil all the "added Winarto again.

Generally, if we want to drink the bitter potion 2 cups a day, then our immune system will increase and not susceptible to disease. How: 10 grams of dried leaves were given 4 cups water and boil until the water remaining 2 cups. Often whether we drink bitter stew depending on the circumstances of our bodies. When suffering from a serious illness, then it could drink more than that. For cases insect bites are very efficacious bitter. Slightly crushed and then dimamarkan to the affected skin bites, rashes on the skin will quickly disappear.

For the mere prevention of the disease can be processed bitter drink 1 / 2 cups a day, no need to 2 cups. Or if you do not like the taste of bitter, you can swallow that bitter herb in capsule form. The trick, just enter the powder of dried bitter leaf into the capsule. But watch out for people affected by low blood pressure, drink the bitter preparations will actually increase blood pressure to drop.

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