Soy Milk VS Cow's Milk

Vegetable milk is milk that comes from plants, in this case I want to discuss about soy milk. Soy milk is usually not favored by many people. They prefer to consume animal milk, the milk cow. Perhaps because of the smell of soy milk, or because it tastes delicious as milk cows.

But did you know that soy milk has an advantage over cow's milk, which has compounds called Phytoestrogens. This compound is similar to the hormone estrogen, so that drinking soy milk once a day just the same as natural estrogen hormone therapy.

Drinking soy milk regularly can also prevent osteoporosis, prevent stiffness in women approaching menopause or post-menapouse. Soy milk also prevent arthritis, because it contains vitamins B1, B2, and niacin which is equivalent to cow's milk. While vitamin E and K are contained in soy milk can inhibit aging.

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