Noni Benefits

Noni ( Morinda citrifolia ) or often called the Indonesia "pace" is included in the family of copies of coffee. Not such a bad shape outside and smell less pleasant aroma, it turns out this fruit has many benefits. The aroma is a fairly typical sting is caused by kaproat acid and capric acid are found in many ripe noni fruit. Noni has various names in each country, for example in Australia is called "Cheese Fruit", Noni in Hawaii, and Nonu in Tahiti.

Noni fruit contains vitamins A, C, iron, and niacin. The balance between vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and enzymes contained in it can boost the immune system. Antioxsidant the body needs to ward off free radicals.
Noni can keep blood pressure stable. Noni can also be used as de-worming, and helps reduce pain in painful joints because it contains an analgesic. 
Almost all parts of the noni plant can be used as a drug. Its roots can be used for drug seizures and tetanus, drug fever, and normalize blood. Her skin was used as a malaria medicine, antiseptic wound, and eliminate swelling. The leaves themselves are also efficacious as a cure headache, dysentery, vomiting and fever. And that Palin is the most frequently used fruit, the fruit can be launched urine, skin softener, drug seizures, respiratory disorders, and inflammation of the lining of the joints.

Based on research, noni fruit can prevent the development of cancer cells. Research Who are they? 
Annie Hirazumi, team of researchers from the University of Hawaii, has found that noni juice enhance the immune system works (especially macrophage cells and lymphocytes) white mice induced with Lewis lung cancer cells, thus able to survive 50 days more. Whereas mice not given noni only able to survive between 9-12 days. Annie also observes that noni juice is useful to cope with sarcoma.
Louisiana State University research team, the U.S., led by Conrad A. Hornick, Ph.D. found that noni juice in the levels of 10% can stop the formation of blood vessels (anti-angiogenesis) in breast cancer cells and damage the blood vessels that cancer already exist, so the cancer cells die.
Noni has 150 neutraceutical crops (medicinal nutrients), five of which are anticancer agents:
 Prevent the attachment of cells damaged / mutated into other cells, thus preventing the occurrence of metastases.
 Anthraquinon kind, can inhibit the growth of malignant cells. Alizarin, another anthraquinon, stopping blood flow to the tumor tissue, thus stopping its development.
Epigollocatechin gallate
Flavonoid antioxidant polyphenols prevent mutation of cells and induce apoptosis (suicide) in the abnormal cells.
 Preventing malignant cell division and also induces apoptosis. One terpenoidnya, limonene, proven effective way to overcome breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia. Other terpenoids, beta-carotene, helps stimulate the thymus gland to produce more T lymphocytes, cells that can directly destroy cancer cells. Moderate acid type triterpenoid ursolat which also can prevent the growth of abnormal cells (cancer) as well as send existing abnormal cells to commit suicide (apoptosis).
 In the intestine proxeronine converted into xeronine. Xeronine which is also produced by the body in limited quantities are required to activate proteins in the cell before it is used throughout the chemical process of the body. Xeronine also improve the structure and function normalize the body's cells are damaged. Because, basically, every cell contains a protein, the adequacy xeronine can repair any kind of abnormal cells. From here obtained an explanation, why xeronine different effects on each person, but generally showed improvement according to each disease.

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