Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a state of rottenness of the bones due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins, like calcium and vitamin D. 

Our bones continue to change, when there is creation of new bone, parent bone will be described. This process is called a process called remodeling or bone regeneration process. When we are young our bodies will make new bone faster than the process of destroying it.
Based on the research, women are more susceptible to osteoporosis in working life. This is because the lack of quality vitamins and calcium intake is ideal, lack of exercise, estrogen hormone problems in women, and young jarangnyaperempuan maintain bone health.
Did you know that osteoporosis can not be cured? osteoporosis can only be controlled to slow bone loss and increase bone density to prevent fractures and reduce pain. Humans have a peak bone mass at age 30 years, and every process of bone regeneration will occur a reduction of bone mass.
Prevent osteoporosis by improving diet with balanced nutrition from the element of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. For example green vegetables, milk, and salmon. In addition, you must routinely perform a healthy activity such as walking or running, exposure to sun before 9 am and after 3 pm. Leave an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, eating too much salt, coffee, alcohol, and carbonated beverages to reduce bone remains solid.

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