Spices to Treat Pain

In my post this time I want to discuss about one kind of plant that is often exploited people in my country as one of the ingredients to scent the dish. This plant is called "serai" (Lemongrass), Latin name "Andropogon nardus".

In Indonesia, besides used as cooking spices, serai is also used as a natural herb mosquito repellent. There are also people who use citronella to cure typhus, skin infections, food poisoning and body odor.
Research shows, serai leaves contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. The content is especially useful in treating infections of the stomach, intestines, urinary tract and wounds. Serai also known berkhasit as a diuretic, and antirheumatic reliever seizures. content of analgesic compounds in serai oil can help relieve the pain of headaches, joint pain and muscle aches. Serai also has anti-piretik beneficial in lowering the heat. Therefore, serai is very good given to people who are experiencing a fever

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