Juice to Treat Insomnia

In order for our bodies always fit, we need adequate and quality sleep. But not everyone can easily fall asleep. Some people who experience insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder is difficult, one reason is stres.Insomniacs have the power of concentration is weak, and suffered severe fatigue in the rate.
There is a traditional herb for treating insomnia. If drunk regularly can help you sleep soundly. The trick is to make juice made from a handful kangkung, a handful of celery, nutmeg to taste, and 1.5 cups of boiled water. Usually the juice of three materials have not been good this feels, therefore, add watermelon, cantaloupe, honey, milk, or other fruit to suit your taste tastes good, and you can swallow it.
Kangkung serve as a trigger drowsiness, nutmeg can make a good sleep, while celery serves to stabilize blood pressure. Drink herb was after dinner or right before bed. If you want more fresh, add ice cubes while drinking it.

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