Gingvitis Cope With Salt Water

Healthy gums are pink colored and hard. Sometimes gum looks soft, inflamed, and bleed easily colored dark red. If that happens you may experience gingvitis.

Gingvitis occurs because the formation of plaque, a colorless layer of bacteria and sticky on the teeth. Therefore, the first step to overcome gigivitis is to remove plaque. If we keep our teeth clean on a continuous basis, then we will be spared from this gingivitis.

There are natural ways to treat pain in the gums are inflamed, by gargling salt water. With a salt water gargle, swollen gums that area will form the hypertonic so that the bacteria that accumulate in plaques will come out. But these treatments are only temporary, you should immediately clean the plaque to your dentist if you do not want the pain to come back.

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